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Lingerie Fetish

3/22/10 11:29 am - queerunity - Remove Crossdressing from the DSM-V

A petition to remove cross-dressing as a mental disorder is being submitted to the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Workgroup of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Currently the APA considers individuals who crossdress to be suffering from "transvestic disorder"


4/29/09 07:28 pm - kruise62 - sissy

Miss Nettle knows what i can't admit to myself. That i am a sissy. i want to think that i am a man and not a sissy like her other slaves. After all, i am humiliated when i dress in women's underwear. When i put on those pantyhose and girdle i feel like my cock is about to erupt! Nothing normal makes me feel that way. Normal women, no matter how lovely naked, don't get a rise out of me. That is why i have to turn down all the offers from friends to set me up. i would only disappoint them sexually!

i contacted Miss Nettle because i wanted to live out my fantasy of dressing in my girdle and pantyhose in a woman's presence and that would end thing. Just something I needed to do to get it out of my system. However, getting it out of my system is turning out to be much harder than i thought. One of our recent session had Miss cutting up on my clothes so i would have to drive home in my spandex super hero custom. This was my idea. But Miss has asked me to find a leather skirt and a woman's blouse and take me cross-dressing beyond my women's under clothing. She said early on that she was going to sissify me further and things seem to be going in that direction.

It is time for me to accept that i am a sissy. Not a man but a sissy. It is hard not to admit it with the pictures and videos posted on the Internet as evidence. She once said i looked more like a Rachel than a randall and sometimes it looks that way. When she called me Rachel it made me feel even weaker at that moment. But she doesn't know that and continues to call me by other names.

4/10/09 09:07 pm - kruise62 - Obsessed

i am obsessed with girldes ever since i discovered my mother's playtext girdle folded on the dryer. That would have been around age 15 or 16. i would "borrow" it and put it on in the middle of the night in the bathroom. Then i would ly down on the floor and sort of hump it. i lvoed the feeling of the satin middle section. They don't make'em like they use to. Not much satin to be found on today's girdles.

12/3/08 02:33 pm - florida28 - Forced to wear

OK, Im new to the group, but love to wear lingerie.  I would like to take pictures etc. however, I want to find someone that would make me wear panties, bra....anything, so it would be more of a forced thing and maybe even make me do or wear things I don't want to or out in public etc. and it would need to be a women making the demands.  Any suggestions?

9/26/08 11:13 am - 12thirteen

i just wanted to say, i wear my moms panties all the time

8/5/08 03:08 pm - im_adolla_richa - NEW COMMUNITY PROMO: cd_signots

Are you a significant other of a crossdresser or a crossdresser who wants advice from significant others of crossdressers? Then check out my new community cd_signots. I created this community because there are loads of communities for crossdressers, transgendered, and polygendered people, but not many that are just for the significant others. If you know someone who might be interested in this community, please let them know.


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1/1/07 04:21 pm - sissy_alexandra - Hi

Hi. I guess I'm addicted to wearing bras :(

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11/28/06 03:36 pm - msm0nique - Greetings all

I'm new to the group ... I'm a cisgendered woman with a tg partner & I host chats for xdressers & sissies here:


5/9/06 02:59 am - lisavicious - Vintage White Bra Auction

Hi Everyone! Hope this doesn't break any rules or anything ...
I'm auctioning off one of my bras used from when I did pin-up modeling, signed, with a kiss and love. It's for a good cause as I have some medical bills I need to pay. So if you are looking for a large bra -42C- white and lacy...please go bid on it! Thanks in advance.


4/17/06 04:12 pm - satin_jenni - Fresh Panties and Whiskers

I just spoke on Yahoo Instant Messenger with a lady friend of mine.(You know who you are) She is the kindest person on Lj and completely open minded about men wearing women's clothing. Her boyfriend also wears lingerie and she thinks it's sexy. I tend to agree with you Ms M., men do look sexy in lingerie. I feel attractive and sexy at the very least, its all in the mind of the beholder isn't it?
During this conversation I mentioned I have to have a shower and get shaved. I asked her if she liked unshaven men and the associated whiskers. Her reply was overwhelmingly in favor of the man staying manly...whiskers are sensual she says. I suppose they may give a unique feel to a soft kiss along body parts not mentioned, but dam they are uncomfortable. I feel dirty when I have whiskers, so they are now gone. Shaved off to grow back another day if in the unlikely event I ever need them.
I asked Ms. M about my panty selection for today. What color should I wear? She asked me if I had red panties which I knew I did, she immediately suggested I wear the red panties. When I went to my panty drawer just prior to my shower, I was surprised to see I own so many different cuts and styles in red. I hesitated and flipped through my assorted panties and selected the satin high cuts. They are comfortable and I'll change into my satin red bikini panties later when I'm chatting with Ms. M tonight.
Do you think it is acceptable for me to discuss my lingerie selections with a lady on the internet? I think it is sensual if she picks out my colors for the day. I wonder if she'll let me do the same for her?
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