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transvestic's Journal

Lingerie Fetish
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Anybody , Moderated
Are you obsessed with pretty panties? Do you crave the perfect bra? Do you enjoy satin sleepwear?
You have come to the right place. Transvestic is the place for (men) and women to openly discuss their lingerie fetish. Lingerie is a turn on for everyone.
Openly express your lingerie desires. Talk about what turns you on (keep it clean please).
Your obsession for feminine delicates is a good thing!

You probably qualify to join in this community discussion if you can't walk through a department store without atleast looking at the newest bra and panty sets. Particpants are encouraged to post pictures of the lingerie items they are most interested in. Links are also acceptable.

Non pornographic, and open to all who share an interest in lingerie.

I love all things girly. Always have and always will! I certainly love shopping for and trying on ladies clothing...try that as a man in a ladies store. Anyone who reads this probably thinks what a messed up dude(dudette)...nah just I express myself a little differently than most people. Self expression is a good thing otherwise we wouldnt be blogging would we?